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About 关于商会

ACSI is Your Bridge to China-Indiana Business

Mission 服务宗旨

ACSI’s purpose is to strengthen the Indiana-China business relationship, grow sustainable economies, cultivate leadership in business, and foster respect for our respective cultures.

Vision 长远目标

ACSI will be a leading force, advocate, and catalyst for new business development opportunities in Indiana and China.


The Mission of the America China Society of Indiana is to strengthen the Indiana-China business relationship, create mutually beneficial business opportunities, and foster a China-friendly business environment.


ACSI will be a leading force, advocate, and catalyst for new business development opportunities in Indiana and China.

ICPAI 成立于2004年。包括有印城中华表演对(舞蹈),印城中华太极队,和印城中华小红花队(儿童舞蹈)。参加过很多印城当地的和周边城市的演出活动。


Indianapolis Chinese Performing Arts (ICPAI) – 印城中华艺术团, is a not-for-profit organization established in 2004 with the following missions:

Organize and prepare Chinese traditional and cultural related shows, dances and performances. Perform and show at local cultural, celebration, and recreational related events.
Promote Chinese traditional Tai Chi and other martial arts.
Introduce cross culture performing arts and dances to Chinese community.
Promote performing arts by organizing classes and activities for all age groups.
Promote and support culture related activities such as exhibitions, shows and exchange programs.



在1970年代,印第安纳的华人不多,大家见面很亲切,常规一起午餐,分享各自的经历和经验,相互支持。随着华裔移民的增加,活动也增加了,于是在1973年11月成立了印州华美协会(IACA) 。
Indiana Association of Chinese Americans, Inc. (IACA) is a State registered not-for-profit organization established in 1973. IACA is not affiliated with any religious or political organization. The main goals and objectives of IACA
  • To foster constructive citizenship on the part of Chinese Americans in the State of Indiana, and the nation.
  • To cultivate the understanding and the appreciation of both American and Chinese cultural heritages.
  • To enrich the Indiana society with Chinese American contributions.
  • To improve the overall well being of Chinese Americans in Indiana.
IACA was originally established in 1973 as Indianapolis Association of Chinese Americans, Inc. and in 1999, it was renamed to Indiana Association of Chinese Americans, Inc. to encompass a larger membership around the states. In the early ’70s, a group of local Chinese Americans met once a month for lunch to share their everyday experiences and to lead support for each other and their families. The popularity of this monthly luncheon continued to grow and the need for an organization to provide social activities and a variety of services was inevitable. In November 1973, the founding members filed the IACA constitution with the State. Officers for the following years were elected and IACA was born.
Through the years, most of the social activities provided to our membership were focused on the celebration of Chinese culture and traditions such as Chinese New Year and other festivals, in an attempt to keep alive our heritage and to pass them on to the next generation and beyond. Friends and other organizations have been invited to these gatherings to share and celebrate in our cultural heritage and it has proven to be very successful.
IACA has participated in countless community cultural projects and educational outreach programs. IACA has long established its presence in the annual International Festival since 1976 and has won awards for its cultural displays. Our ‘Lion Dance’ team is well recognized in our cultural community. IACA has collaborated with the international Center of Indianapolis and other local professional organizations in co-sponsoring cultural exhibitions, concerts and recent performances from the Inner Mongolian Dance Troupe and the Beijing Orchestra. IACA participates in programs at the Children’s Museum, providing cultural materials, speakers to local schools and colleges. Through corporate sponsorship, scholarships were awarded to our qualified IACA youths from the annual Telamon High School Scholarship Program. IACA has also participated in the USA Bicentennial Anniversary celebration and in establishing a Sister City with Taipei, Taiwan and a Sister State with Zhejiang Province, China.
IACA currently publishes a quarterly newsletter to communicate information and progresses to our members, an annual membership directory which serves as a tool for our members to exchange information and networking. IACA has been working diligently and continuously fine-tune its services and programs to meet the needs of our growing and changing community.

Indianapolis Chinese Community Center, Inc.

The Indianapolis Chinese Community Center, Inc. (ICCCI www.indy-chinese.comis a not-for-profit and volunteer-supported community organization registered in the State of Indiana since 1995.  ICCCI is composed of people who have an interest in and passion for facilitating the establishment of a diverse community through education of Chinese language and cultural exchange activities. ICCCI is the largest Chinese American community center and Chinese cultural Activity Organization across central Indiana.
ICCCI contains two sub-units – ICCCI Chinese School and ICCCI Culture Activity Group. ICCCI Chinese School offers weekly Chinese language and cultural related art lessons with current enrollment of over 500 students (both language and extracurricular arts program) from different ethnic groups.  These classes are open to the community at large and serve both adults and school age children.
The ICCCI Activity Group contains a lion and dragon dance team as well as Performing Arts Groups (Adults& Children); ICCCI Choir Group, Table Tennis Group, Chinese Martial Arts Group; TaiJi Group, Chinese Orchestra Group and ICCCI Media Group. . The Culture Activity Group has played a critical role in promoting the awareness of Chinese culture to mainstream Americans and building a more vibrant, multi-cultural landscape in central Indiana.  Every year ICCCI brings many exciting programs to local community cultural festivals such as Indy 500 Parade, the International Festival of Indiana, Indianapolis Chinese Festival, and the Carmel International Art Festival.
The mission of ICCCI is to provide continuous improvement to what is essential to the social awareness, health and well-being of the Chinese community, as well as other citizens of central Indiana who enjoy Chinese culture and to provide high quality and inclusive educational, health, cultural, and social service programs that contribute to  culture diversity in central Indiana by involving a variety of social and community activities.


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