China in the news 2015-04-10

Delta is Expanding in China and Shanghai May Become Its International Hub

Delta Air Lines Inc. Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson said he envisions creating an international hub in Shanghai to build on a growing relationship with China Eastern Airlines Corp. “When you think about what our strategy is long-term, we need to have a hub in Shanghai like the one we have in Amsterdam,” Anderson told employees in a recorded message.

Delta will start a daily Los Angeles-to-Shanghai route later this year, on top of service to China’s largest city from Seattle and Detroit. Last week, Delta became the first U.S. airline to accept payments from China’s Alipay, which resembles PayPal. It also is co-locating with China Eastern inside the Shanghai airport.






China Cosco to Order at Least 10 Triple-E Megaships

Shipping and port giant China Cosco Holdings Co. is set to order at least 10 container megaships, joining an array of competitors in their quest to dominate the world’s busiest ocean trade routes, people with direct knowledge of the matter said Tuesday.

The so-called Triple-E vessels, which can move 19,000 containers each, will be ordered from a Chinese yard and will cost around $1.4 billion in total. “Cosco is in the final process of choosing among five Chinese yards and we may get the firm order by the end of May,” one of the people said. “The ships will be deployed in the Asia-to-Europe trade loop.”

马士基订购7艘中远集装箱船 开启150亿美元投资计划


此次订造的船舶长200米,宽35.2米,吃水深度10米,将于2017年4月至11月间陆续交付。而关于订造船舶的具体价格,马士基航运和中远船务协商决定不予透露。此次订造的船舶将被马士基旗下子公司Seago Line投放于波罗的海和北海地区,替换部分运力只有新订船舶一半或更小的集装箱船舶,为Seago Line的近海及支线船客户提供具有竞争力的服务,包括冬季的运输服务。


Middle schoolers aim for the skies

More than 200 middle school students in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province have been selected as candidates to become air force pilots, part of a larger plan of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to train student pilots, the Air Force said on Tuesday.

According to a plan announced in February, the PLA Air Force is setting up training bases in civilian high schools to provide flight training for around 1,000 students aged 14 to 16 annually. The Air Force will interview applicants in cities like Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Jinan, Nanjing and Shenyang later.





Chinese bullet train maker establishes Australian JV

Bullet train maker China North Railway (CNR) has established a joint venture in Australia, its first such overseas partnership.

The new company, Pacific Rail Engineering Pty Ltd, is a 50-50 joint venture between CNR subsidiary Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock and Australian firm B&W, according to a press release release posted on the CNR’s website on Thursday.While Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock has exported over 12,000 wagons to Australia since 2000, the new venture will see it also provide freight train repair services, according to the release.  The joint venture was established after the recent merger of CNR and China South Railway, a move that was subject to anti-trust probes abroad.


中国北车齐齐哈尔装备公司与澳大利亚B&W公司各占50%股份的太平洋铁路工程公司(Pacific Rail Engineering Pty Ltd,简称PRE)日前在悉尼PRE公司正式挂牌成立,公司国际化战略再前进一步。据最新公布的中国北车和中国南车2014年财报显示,南北车去年营收合计超2200亿元,海外市场快速增长。


China to launch three or four more BeiDou satellites this year

China plans to launch three or four more satellites for its indigenous global navigation and positioning network this year, the network’s chief designer said.  A complete network will take shape by 2020, Yang Changfeng, chief designer of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), was quoted saying by the PLA Daily on Wednesday. The 17th satellite in the BDS global network was launched on Monday, marking the first step to expand it from a regional to global service. The BDS global network will be made up of 35 satellites, five of which will be in geostationary orbit. Compared with the satellites already in operation, the latest has longer life and higher accuracy, Yang said. Its service life is around ten to 12 years compared with eight years of the old model, and the maximum accuracy is two to three meters, he said.





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